Why Rebuild America? – Thanksgiving 2015 Edition

I’m sure by now your email box is overflowing with well wishes from merchants and organizations to which you subscribe.

You’ve probably already been reminded of President Washington’s Thanksgiving Day proclamation, the Pilgrims passion to share the Gospel in the new world, the troops who serve us in far off lands and their families who pray for their safe return.

While we at PATRIOT MISSION echo these sentiments and join all the revelers in wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving, we also want to inspire you with a decision that is before you.

During all the celebrations today and over this coming weekend, as you enjoy your family reunions, fine food and drink (along with a few moments of grid-iron action), please take a minute and step back from the circle and find a private, quiet place where you can let your mind wander for a few minutes.

Imagine you were personally invited to a meeting with the great leaders throughout the ages. They have been brought together to look you in the eye and ask you a question.

Imagine sitting in a comfortable chair at the front of a large family room with a roaring fireplace. In that room, as you panned the guests, you see people you’ve read about throughout all of recorded history.

Imagine seeing Moses, David – the man after God’s heart who took on Goliath as a boy, Mary the mother of Jesus, and early warriors of the Faith like Peter & Paul. You begin to recognize a cascade of leaders who helped launch the new world … people from Christopher Columbus to William Bradford and Squanto.

Imagine continuing the scan and seeing faces of each Mom in the first group of 102 Pilgrims who covered their babies with their own bodies during the first horrible winter in Plymouth… sacrificing their lives so their children could live to prosper in the new world.

Imagine being joined next to the warmth of the fireplace by several families from the late-1700s who were starting to consider separation from the Crown of England… see the stress and hard choices resting upon their hearts.

Imagine the intensity when your eyes meet General Washington’s steely gaze… and you immediately feel the passion in his heart to deliver freedom to his fellow countrymen.

Imagine the incredible pain and commitment when connect directly with Abraham and Mary Lincoln, parents who’ve suffered unimaginable personal loss, and who are now locked in a deep Civil War which pits brother against brother … and yet must be won for America to become truly united.

Imagine seeing a group of young boys in the room, most of whom are 17 to 20 years old… all wearing similar outfits but from different eras. You realize one is a Doughboy from WW1 another is a Ranger who scaled the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc, a nearly frozen Soldier from Korea’s Chosin Reservoir enjoys your warm fire, and a Marine from the jungles of Vietnam is flanked by their newest young comrades in arms from Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Imagine as you continue around this broad circle, you now see your family and your progeny, whom you will never meet… great, great, great grandchildren who will bear your name and the burden… or the joy of your decision.

Imagine standing in front of your Maker having to give an account for your decision.

What is the decision before you?

It’s simply this. When you realized everything in world history has led to this moment in time, what did you do?

When you understood that America, the most incredible nation the world has ever seen, founded on the goodness of biblical principles to serve mankind… is now facing generation altering choices, what did you do?

No matter what season of life you find yourself in at this very moment, you can serve America, your fellow citizens and the God of the universe.

On this Thanksgiving Day, this is a moment in time for which we can be eternally grateful.

A moment in time when YOU get to decide the future.

A moment in time when you can choose to honor the memory of all the great men and women of history who have gathered in the family room of your mind to inspire you to act on their behalf.

A moment in time when you can choose to engage with like-minded Patriots on behalf of future generations.

When faced with the realization that YOU can personally play a specific role in MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN, what did you do?

What did you do for your family, your nation and most importantly, your Creator?

What decision did you make?

Today, we can be thankful the decision is ours to make.

We have the blessing to decide what actions we will take to serve others.

Most people will never read this note in its entirety… but you did.

Why? The answer is simple.

You have been called for such a time as this, just like every one of the great men and women of history who took a stand when everything mattered.

This my friend… is that time.

I am thankful you are here and are interested in being part of a great movement that will demonstrate our Founders had it right.

Over the next few years, more than 35 million Americans will be Inspired as they begin to understand what a Shining City on a Hill looks like and the importance of living in a free nation committed to 7 Founding LIBERTY Principles.

None of this will be easy… but as you look around the room at all those who’ve come before you, it’s very clear they didn’t have it easy either. Many gave their lives in full expectation that those of us who followed would step up when it was our time.

This is our time.

May you and your family be blessed this Thanksgiving weekend, in decades to come and for all eternity.

May God Bless our Troops and The United States of America.

Steve & Nancy

Steve Olds, President & CEO
Patriot Mission, Inc.
5976 20th Street, Suite 127
Vero Beach, Florida 32966
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Why Rebuild America?


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MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN requires rebuilding an ethos that cherishes principle-based leadership. This is why our focus in our weekly radio show, has been teaching the 7 Founding LIBERTY Principles and establishing the bedrock upon which we can rebuild a nation. (BTW, if you have not heard the show on radio or the iHeart network, you can get the recording at www.PatriotPodcast.com).

All too often we see emerging and establishment “leaders” in our nation who are politically motivated or driven by a divisive agenda. Sadly, many of these “leaders” insist on TELLING US what we believe and why we are responsible for the country’s problems. They could not be more wrong. When Americans do not know history, understand what makes the USA great and most especially what the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness entail, we have a big problem.

At this moment, America is at a crossroads. We can continue down the path to oblivion or rebuild America. To rebuild, we must raise up a team of principle-based leaders who understand these crucial ideas and can tell American stories with credibility. Without these stories, current and future generations will only know what they are told to believe.
Young people will continue to be susceptible to leaders who rage with agendas that will continue to destroy the fabric of America. In the absence of principle-based leadership, chaos thrives. Unchecked evil creates chaos and those Americans who live in fear get swept up in the craziness of hasty generalizations and politically driven hype.
With the sad news of a savage attack against black Christians at the African, Methodist, Episcopal (AME) Church in Charleston, we have a choice in how we respond.
What will define Charleston, and America at large, is how we lead our fellow citizens out of this evil episode. The demonic spirit which possesses a man to execute wonderful people who are actively praising their God is evil personified.
Leaders who understand America’s founding on Judeo-Christian principles know that the root of healing is forgiveness, not fomenting further division and blame. I want to leave you with a story about what it was like, as a white guy, to work directly with an Elder of the AME Church and support a Quadrennial Convention of their leaders with thousands of participants.
In 1996, along with 3 other white people, we drove a van from Florida to Louisville, Kentucky to attend this 4-year event. Our company had been asked to have a booth and share a new communication technology to make it easier for their churches to serve their congregants.
We had a great time working with our AME brothers and sisters. We laughed, did some business, made plans for the future and enjoyed each others company. The fact we were about the only whites among thousands of blacks was irrelevant.

Oddly enough, just one month ago, while at a conference in Washington, DC, I ran into the son of the AME Elder who was just a teenager at the time. He spotted me in the crowd and went out of his way to track me down and say hello. Although I didn’t recognize him at first, when I realized who he was, all the fond memories of the AME conference came flooding back. I cherish those experiences for more reasons than I can explain here.

We must Celebrate America NOW! so those of us with simple stories like this can unite our citizens. We must find examples of goodness that can be shared by leaders who want to help people know what is great about America.
Our hearts break for the families in Charleston and we pray for the peace that passes all understanding and ask the Lord himself to touch their hearts and help them grieve, even while knowing their family members are now enjoying their eternal reward in heaven. If you are a Father, enjoy your weekend with those you love. 


Steve Olds, President
Patriot Mission, Inc. 5976 20th Street Suite 127 Vero Beach, Florida 32966 United States (855) 867-3284


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May 28, 2015

According to the Small Business Administration, most would-be entrepreneurs never reach their first anniversary. Those who make it to five years are filling party balloons while Founders who make it to ten years join their colleagues in rarefied air.

What does it take to stay in business from a humble start-up to a thriving company for 35 years? Meet Don Meeks, Founder of Don’s Import Auto in Vero Beach, Florida.

In today’s episode, Don and Steve drill into PATRIOT MISSION’s Fourth LIBERTY Principle: We believe ENTREPRENEURSHIP is the primary economic means to inspire men and women to pursue their dreams and achieve prosperity.

Don describes his experience starting a debt free small business, transitioning from a partnership to a growth company and now stabilizing with a large staff and management team. Learn how a weekly lunch date with his team impacts his company and amazing insights that can lead to longevity and prosperity in small business.

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Why Rebuild America? – Memorial Day 2015 Edition

This weekend, Americans will officially kickoff the summer with grand style. Beaches, burgers, brewskis and all sorts of fanfare, which is all fine.

How many of our fellow citizens really know what Memorial Day is all about?

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America. Click here to read more history.

Sadly, this week in the United States, there are important question being asked about the fall of Ramadi and other cities in Iraq where brave men and women died serving the USA and our allies. Those questions must be asked and dealt with, but I want to focus on a more fundamental question.

Why does a man or woman volunteer to serve in the American armed forces knowing the price of their service may include their life?

Most military people are optimists and do not sign up to sacrifice their lives for the cause… that’s what the enemy does. We join the service because America is an idea worth fighting for and defending. We want our kids and grandkids to live in a vibrant nation that continues to serve mankind for centuries and carries the torch of liberty for millions of people at home and around the globe.

Answering the question; “Why Rebuild America?” is important because it speaks to the heart of every military person. Many people are asking what America stands for these days? What are we fighting for around the world? What our our elected public servants driving us toward and why?

As citizens, we must discuss these questions and give office holders specific directions to guide America to be rebuilt on the strong pillars upon which she was founded. Otherwise, those who currently volunteer to serve will not know why they are putting their lives on the line.

To be an engaged citizen, we must know our history and understand what the Founders and Framers really believed. It’s easy to be lazy. It takes time and effort to study and help the next generation learn why America is exceptional and must be rebuilt to the high standards she once stood on. Is America worth the effort to Rebuild? Absolutely!

If you are near Washington, DC this weekend, consider going to the parade on Constitution Avenue and watch our remaining WW2 heroes honor their brothers in arms who died on faraway shores 70 years ago. If your town has a Memorial Day service, parade or other event, specifically honoring those who died serving you, me and our progeny, then consider participating with your family.

If you have kids or grandkids, you might want to print out the Declaration of Independence and help them learn why the first Americans first stepped up, fought and died for descendants they would never know.

In this week’s radio program, MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN, I discussed a few of these topics and offered a few insights you might enjoy hearing. Click here to listen to the Patriot Podcast.

Why Rebuild America?

Because America is the land of the free because of the brave and we must reinvigorate the warrior spirit in our citizenry. If you know a Gold Star family, please share your gratitude and love for their sacrifice.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend,


Steve Olds, President
Patriot Mission, Inc.