Making America Strong Again...
One Small Business at a Time

America is decline because the vast majority of her citizens do not understand the nation's founding principles, accurate history or basic economics. We have become a nation of followers who don't even know why this fundamental knowledge is important.

Worse yet, most Americans do not believe there is anything they can do to stop this trajectory. Many citizens believe we must continue to trust an elite class of politicians to determine what's best for us.

For those who know history, it is obvious this change in our nation's ethos is creating a fast approaching point of no return for America. Reaching that tipping point is unacceptable.

PATRIOT MISSION was founded on January 16th, 2011 to create a rapidly expandable and sustainable blueprint to reverse this destructive trend and MAKE AMERICA STRONG AGAIN™.

The PATRIOT MISSION is to Rebuild America through The POWER of Small Business™. To accomplish this aggressive plan by 2020, our BOLD Blueprint is designed to:

  1. LEAD Americans to Rediscover the "Shining City on a Hill."
  2. BUILD BOLD Leadership Teams in every County, Independent City and Parish.
  3. GROW our Capital, Political Influence and Liberty.