A BOLD Blueprint to Rebuild America through The POWER of Small Business

Why is The PATRIOT MISSION Story and its BOLD Blueprint important
to me and to the future of America?


Before I answer this question, I want to define an important and often misunderstood word.
What is a PATRIOT?
Many people have the mistaken understanding that being identified as a patriot links you to a particular ideology, political party or group. Nothing could be further from the truth.
According to, A Patriot is a person who loves, supports and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
PATRIOT MISSION is a leadership development company that champions grassroots capitalism, county-by-county.
We are a for-profit organization and are not affiliated or funded by any political group, candidate or entity.
Steve Olds is the author of The PATRIOT MISSION Story. In his first career, Steve was a combat decorated F15 pilot. After he left the cockpit, he has pursued an exciting entrepreneurial career and enjoyed a unique perspective on America.
On January 16th, 2011, he founded PATRIOT MISSION to inspire leaders across America to support a movement to rebuild the nation. 
After several years working with Co-Founder Greg Land and their core leadership team, Steve wrote The PATRIOT MISSION Story to map out a BOLD Blueprint to Rebuild America through the POWER of Small Business. His recently published, best-selling book was written to inspire a core group of people who still believe America is an exceptional country and explain how we can quickly work together to reverse the dangerous course our country is on.
In the book, you’ll discover a detailed road-map that drills deep into the grassroots of America and touches every member of our society who has a heart for our nation.
The blueprint has detailed strategies, tactics and timelines to leverage the power of small business and to unite our fellow citizens and communities. 
Candidly, none of those detailed plans will matter at all if we do not share similar values. It is important you know what we believe and why we believe. The following 7 Founding LIBERTY Principles are just that. If we are on the same page, the rest of the information will be worth your time. If not, it’s probably best we part company now.
We believe the economic Backbone of America™ is powered by the LEADERSHIP of small business founders, employees and their families.
We believe providentially inspired American Ingenuity has created the strongest economy and most generous society the world has ever known.
We believe it is important to elect leaders who share a common BELIEF in our Judeo-Christian heritage and the magnificence of the US Constitution.
We believe ENTREPRENEURSHIPis the primary economic means to inspire men and women to pursue their dreams and achieve prosperity.
We believe Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are put at tremendous RISK by those who reject capitalism and promote excessive public spending.
We believe Personal Property Rights and the Free Enterprise System are TIMELESS constitutional cornerstones upon which America was founded.
We believe it is crucial to inspire YOUNG citizens to become tough-minded, ethical entrepreneurs and to help create long-term solutions for America.
If these 7 Founding LIBERTY Principles strike a familiar chord with you, I’d like to show you how the PATRIOT MISSION leadership team is tapping into the POWER of Small Business to rebuild America and how you can be a part of our effort.

How is PATRIOT MISSION tapping into
The POWER of Small Business to Rebuild America?


The POWER of Small Business is unique in America.
The U.S. Constitution empowers any citizen, willing to take the risk, the right to pursue a profit and enjoy the fruits of their labor through the free enterprise system.
Small Business is the only institution in America that crosses every geographic, political, racial, religious, socio-economic, technological, generational and educational boundary.
Small Business is the one place across America where people of all different viewpoints can come together, work together and lead a real effort to rebuild the nation on shared founding principles.
Every citizen has a stake in Small Business.
Nearly every day we spend our hard earned dollars on products and services that were created in an entrepreneurial enterprise.
Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Investors, employees along with their Families, Customers and Supporters all have something in common.
We want our companies and AMERICA to Succeed.
The POWER of Small Business is the raw energy produced by 30 Million American entrepreneurs rigorously pursuing their dreams and personal property rights.
 When this raw energy is magnified by the Leadership of local, regional and national stakeholders who still believe America is an exceptional nation, the POWER of Small Business becomes an unstoppable force to unify and heal our land.
To Rebuild America, we believe Small Business Stakeholders must take the lead.
 We believe when our fellow citizens discover this BOLD Blueprint, they will respond to the challenge and step up to Rebuild America through the POWER of Small Business.
Let’s look at the 7 Steps PATRIOT MISSION is taking to REBUILD America through the POWER of Small Business.

What are the 7 Steps PATRIOT MISSION is taking to
REBUILD America through The POWER of Small Business?


PATRIOT MISSION is a Leadership Development Company that Champions Grassroots Capitalism, County-by-County.

The 7 Steps to REBUILD America are as follows:
1. Recruit Experienced Leaders
2. Educate & Train New Leaders
3. Build BOLD Leadership Teams
4. Unite Leadership Teams
5. Inspire America’s Generations
6. Leverage Compatible Groups
7. Drive Traffic to Small Businesses

One of the greatest challenges facing America is a lack of leadership. In order to begin to massively develop new leaders with a wide variety of skill sets and expertise, the first step is to recruit leaders from many fields including those stakeholders with no direct entrepreneurial experience.

We need leaders with a wide variety of insight, wisdom, subject matter expertise, industry exposure and professions.

We offer members of our leadership team the opportunity to teach, speak, mentor, publish and profit from their personal experiences.

The second step is to educate and train new leaders in a wide variety of skill. A core element of the blueprint is to GROW our personal and professional capital which starts with experiential education and leadership training.

- The first leadership skill is learning to take personal responsibility for your life, your income and your nation.
- New leaders must learn their skills have financial value in the marketplace and how to develop them by taking focused action.
- By recruiting experienced leaders who can rapidly educate and train those who are hungry to learn, we can start to ramp up our county-by-county efforts in record time.

A key strategy in the blueprint is to build BOLD leadership teams in every county, independent city and parish across the nation. That is why we begin recruiting experienced leaders and training apprentices.
- When leaders build local teams while expanding revenue streams based on their personal expertise, the leadership teams become bolder, stronger and more effective proponents of grassroots capitalism.
- For those who do not have a personal financial motivation, we offer options to dedicate earned income to fund PATRIOT grant programs which serve returning veterans, law enforcement and emergency personnel as well as others who are seeking entrepreneurial options to create income.

When leadership teams who are focused on rebuilding our nation through the POWER of Small Business come together on a state, regional and national basis, their impact is unmistakable.
- United we stand. Divided we fall. That motto is as true now as it has ever been.
- Leaders who share core values, in this case the 7 Founding LIBERTY Principles, can inspire a nation especially many among us who have never heard America’s Exceptional Story.
- Practically speaking, leadership teams united in the pursuit of common goals can build entrepreneurial ventures that grow capital, political influence and liberty at an astounding pace.

Inspiring America's Generations is essential to rebuilding our country.
- America’s Exceptional Story and your powerful personal experiences inspire fellow Americans and need to be shared using every imaginable media.
- The miraculous stories of our founding combined with the challenges we have faced as a nation, both good and bad, must be taught accurately to Americans young and old.
- Powerful stories anchor us to our history and encourage us to move toward rebuilding our nation.

As you consider these ideas, it is likely other groups have come to mind. There are business groups, educational institutions, political organizations and many others who focus on individual elements of our blueprint.
- Our objective is not to recreate or compete with these groups, but rather to leverage existing resources with compatible groups to the benefit of our members and America at large.
- We put our founding principles on the table right up front so other organizations know where we stand. If we share core values, then we can probably work together.
- We believe there are great resources in every community that are not used to their fullest potential because people don’t know they are there and what they do. We aim to change that.

To REBUILD America, we want to drive as many prospective customers to solid small businesses as possible.
- For profit businesses must offer and deliver valuable products and services at fair prices customers validate with their wallets.
- That is why our BOLD Blueprint is designed to help entrepreneurs make good leadership decisions, connect with subject matter experts, expedite capital growth and create great companies.
- At the end of the day, Grassroots Capitalism works when strong leaders build solid companies with great people that are supported by their communities.

We want small businesses to prosper and add energy to power the bright lights needed to illuminate the America's "Shining City on a Hill."

As we do, we show our fellow countrymen and people around the world that our exceptional American story is alive and well today.

We can rebuild America, county-by-county, through the POWER of Small Business, which is... grassroots capitalism in action.

Now let’s get specific about your benefits as a stakeholder in our community.

What’s in it for me if I invest my time to check out The PATRIOT MISSION Story?

That’s a fair question.

Since time is our most precious commodity, when you invest yours, it needs to pay off.

Many people still read books from cover to cover, and while we encourage you to pick up a copy and read The PATRIOT MISSION Story, the fact is most people are pressed for time.

We have designed an easy way to digest the story at your pace based on what is important to you.

How do we do that?
First of all, we know people like to consume information in different ways.
We’ve made the book available in digital, hardcover, paperback and soon in audio formats.
We’ve also created an entire series of short videos that hit the highlights and answer the most frequently asked questions.
When you have a copy of the book in hand or on your e-reader, combined with multi-media support materials on demand, you can get to the heart of the story and find out what matters most to you in short order.

How do you get access to the free support materials?
Simply register for a FREE lifetime associate membership in the PATRIOT MISSION community.
When you do, you’ll receive access to the videos and other relevant information from the book so you can begin to get your arms around our game plan and learn how this effort can make a difference to you, your family, your business interests and for America.

What benefits do I get as part of the FREE Lifetime Associate Membership?
Everyone, regardless of their stakeholder role will enjoy Inspirational Stories in multi-media formats including our weekly “Why Rebuild America?” articles. You'll also get Pre-Launch access and special rates for PATRIOT MISSION PRESS new releases, like our upcoming Backbone of America digital magazine and our new book, The POWER of Small Business; 100 Inspirational Stories from Entrepreneurs who are Rebuilding America.
If you own a small business, you'll have the opportunity to promote your Products & Services through our sponsorship programs.
Our members will also get direct access to special pricing on top-shelf products and services from vetted community sponsors.
You'll be invited to attend local, regional and national networking, team building, experiential education and training events.

Why would you give me a FREE Lifetime Associate Membership in the PATRIOT MISSION Community?
We’ve all heard the saying that nothing in this world is free….
Why is this free for a lifetime?
What we have put on the table is obviously more than just a book.
We are drawing a line in the sand and asking you to learn about it.
Ultimately, if we agree on our founding principles, we hope you will support this fast moving, leadership centric strategy to rebuild the nation.
We recognize it’s important to give you the room to get to know us and participate in whatever way makes sense for you when you are ready.
Our leadership team chose to invest nearly 3 years, significant capital and other resources to build the infrastructure and support systems necessary to make this offer because we are committed and time is of the essence.
As a for-profit company, building a massive national campaign and county chapters, significant money is required to make our business model work.
We must fund our growth by providing valuable products and services just like any business.
So our plan is to give away this free membership for life believing it will attract those who think like we do. If we do a good job, we believe our members will find value and engage in mutually beneficial financial transactions.
Many of our new members will begin our relationship with a book purchase, which we greatly appreciate.
Others will step up and sponsor our projects and help us accelerate grassroots capitalism deep into America... county-by-county.

We hope you join us.
However you choose to proceed, we thank you for your time.

Join now to get your free lifetime associate membership and 2 FREE Chapters of the PATRIOT MISSION Story.