As a Veteran, when you join the PATRIOT MISSION National Leadership Team, you have a massive head start because you understand leadership, patriotism and mission focus.

Many of our fellow citizens have not had the good fortune to receive this level of training which gives you an edge in many ways. At the same time, as veterans, we can learn from experienced civilians who understand all aspects of grassroots capitalism and can shorten our learning curve.

The first of seven steps in our BOLD Blueprint to Rebuild America is to recruit experienced leaders. The National Leadership Team is designed to attract people with different levels of experience and deliver unique training, networking and business opportunities.

Even if you have little or no business experience, your military leadership training will fast track your start in the business community provided you learn the important skills necessary to be successful. To learn more about joining the National Leadership Team, click on the Join Now button below.

The National Leadership Team membership is inexpensive. However, if you are not able to participate due to financial hardship and you are an honorably discharged veteran (or are in the transition process), click here and learn more about the confidential PATRIOT GRANT Program.