Every single day in America and abroad, millions of men and women volunteer to protect you and me. They put on the uniforms of our military, law enforcement and emergency services. Our heroes go to work every day to serve and protect our rights and freedoms as Americans. They choose to put their lives on the line for you and me.

Whether storming a beach, pulling over a dangerous vehicle, running up the stairs of a burning building or securing freedom for victims of world dictators... each and every one is a hero!

"There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." John 15:13 - NLT

Most of our heroes earn extremely modest wages in their service to our communities, states and nation. In a lot of cases, while they are serving, in transition and after their active service, many face challenges translating their frontline service into personal income.

PATRIOT MISSION is committed to serving our heroes at the grassroots level of American Small Business. We offer PATRIOT GRANTS to qualified heroes in order to reduce or eliminate the financial requirements for PATRIOT MISSION programs and events. These PATRIOT GRANTS are funded by fellow members, organizations and PATRIOT MISSION.

If you are one of America's Heroes, click here to learn about PATRIOT GRANT applications.

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* PATRIOT MISSION is a for-profit business. Participating in the PATRIOT GRANT Program is not a charitable contribution. However, depending on your situation there may be business tax advantages when participating in the PATRIOT GRANT or other programs. Please consult your tax professional because every circumstance is different.