A BOLD Blueprint to Rebuild America through the POWER of Small Business

Why Rebuild America?

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."
Abraham Lincoln

America is on fire and deeply divided. Class warfare, hyphenated-Americans, revisionist history, political correctness, financial ignorance and hidden agendas are just a few of the issues that divide us. We have a choice. We can reject the 'new normal.'

This book is not a theoretical analysis about how we got here. It is a well grounded action plan to reverse course and create a great future. In this bestselling new book, The PATRIOT MISSION Story answers the most compelling question millions of people are asking:

"What can I do for America, RIGHT NOW, that will really make a difference?" The PATRIOT MISSION Story unites Americans. Every citizen, whether you are a consumer, free enterprise advocate, entrepreneur, apprentice or mentor, can be a stakeholder in this project to save our country. This optimistic story gives us a practical blueprint to play a key role in the effort to Rebuild America through the power of small business.

What can I do for America, RIGHT NOW, that will really make a difference? Click here see more

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What people are saying about

  • The PATRIOT MISSION was founded some years ago in the imagination and inspiration of my friend, fellow author, and fellow Patriot, Steve Olds.  This book is about America.  This book is about freedom.

    - Michael E. Gerber, NY Times Bestselling author of The E-Myth Revisited
  • Steve Olds and PATRIOT MISSION understand that free people effecting private business endeavors are the most prolific mechanism of human productivity known to mankind.

    - Trent Franks, United States Congressman, Arizona's 8th District
  • In a time when busy people are consumed by their immediate surroundings, a man with a vision for America, as it was designed by our forefathers, emerges to bring us back to America's foundation.

    - Kelly Fischer, Top Producing Realtor®, Broker Associate