America was founded by leaders who stepped up when it was their time.

If we are to reverse the horrendous trends that threaten our homeland, America must have a strong core leadership team who is bold enough to step up and patient enough to stay engaged.

As John Maxwell says; "Leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less."

The leaders America needs right now come from every walk of life and we are all busy. We are moms and dads, business owners and employees, veterans and civilians, young folks and seniors, working and retired, urban and rural... and we all share a love for freedom. We each have the ability to influence at least one person, ten people or maybe more. We have to make a decision.

Now, it is our time to step up. 

If you are a leader, you understand to inspire America; people must have a reason to be hopeful. We need to help share a unique message that can immediately penetrate deep into the very soul of our country. We must give our fellow citizens hope, no matter where they live or what they believe. We must decide America is worth Rebuilding.... and then act.

Sadly, many people believe things about America that are just not true and no amount of logical discussion will overcome the propaganda that has indoctrinated them over decades. There is a way, however, to demonstrate why America is an exceptional nation. We can show our fellow citizens that their dreams are important and can be realized through grassroots capitalism. 

As a leader, you can help PATRIOT MSSION start to MAKE AMERICA STRONG AGAIN™ as we Tell America's Story, Teach Our BOLD Blueprint and Promote Small Businesses. Leaders who are plugged in and paying attention understand that absent a significant effort and the same Divine Providence our Founders called on, America will not survive in the long term. 

PATRIOT MISSION has issued a National Leadership Challenge to encourage you and other leaders you know to step up and help us plant seeds we believe will grow and prosper over time. Join the PATRIOT MISSION National Leadership Team and discover how you can reach your personal goals while you help infuse grassroots America with the confidence to rebuild.

Leaders take on what most people say is IMPOSSIBLE; and then prove what is POSSIBLE!

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