Since PATRIOT MISSION's founding in 2011, a key management philosophy has been to build an experienced, patriotic team of experts to grow the company. Each member of the management team has extensive experience in critical aspects of small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Combined with insight from a strong Board of Advisors, the management team is well positioned to accomplish The PATRIOT MISSION to Rebuild America through The POWER of Small Business™. 

Steve Olds Steve Olds; Founder, President & CEO

Steve's entrepreneurial passions go back to mowing lawns, shoveling snow and working on old cars. Even during his flying career, Steve started several part time businesses including real estate rehab, marketing new security technology and alternative healthcare. Steve has served at every level of small business operations including creating and funding new ventures, building large international independent sales teams, product development and strategic consulting.

Steve is leveraging more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience as a visionary, leader and communicator to execute PATRIOT MISSION's business plan. Steve is a skilled strategist and understands how to drill down from the big idea to the operational tasks necessary for successful implementation. Steve seeks wise counsel from his management team and Board of Advisors who possess the subject matter expertise necessary to help accomplish the mission.

Steve YoungSteve Young; Chief Financial Officer, General Counsel & Founding Partner

Steve is a senior business executive with broad experience in positions including president, managing director and general legal counsel in divisions of a Fortune 20 company. He has served as CEO of an international, $100M public company, had full P&L responsibilities in acquiring, building, restructuring and growing manufacturing, distribution and service businesses. Steve is a seasoned leader and successful decision-maker in demanding environments with a broad strategic background including extensive operating experience in multi-cultural markets worldwide.

Before moving into the fast-paced business world, Steve served the US Navy as a submarine officer aboard three ships which included command experience during his reserve service. Steve is the Co-Founder of MENTOR BUSINESS GROUP as well as several early stage investment companies which focus on technology business incubation. He has been recruited for several company boards and regional business incubators which gives him a unique vantage point on entrepreneurship and new business models. Steve joined PATRIOT MISSION in 2014 to be part of a group of dedicated patriots taking decisive action to restore freedom and opportunity in America.

Rudy  LacoRudy Laco; Chief Strategy and Systems Officer & Founding Partner

Rudy proudly served 30 years as a Navy Officer after graduating and receiving his commission from Texas A&M University in 1984. He was blessed to serve as Commodore for Destroyer Squadron 40 and also commanded ships at-sea and ashore. As a skilled strategic and long range planner, Rudy served several tours in the Pentagon utilizing his multiple advanced degrees. Rudy has earned three Masters Degrees including an MBA, MS Resource Strategy, MS Computer Science and experience in Project Management and Process Improvement programs.

Rudy serves as the Senior Vice President of Operations for PATRIOT MISSION. He has put his skills to work incorporating the lessons learned during the start-up phase into a next generation strategic and operational plan. Rudy is now serving Our Nation to implement our grassroots strategy to build BOLD leadership teams by stimulating the growth of small businesses and also helping Veterans gain employment in Counties, Independent Cities, and Parishes across America.

Greg Land Greg Land - Senior Vice President for Marketing & Co-Founder

Greg began his marketing career in the citrus industry from his home country of South Africa. As the international fruit market expanded, Greg traveled extensively and brokered deals around the world. In the mid-1990's Greg and his family moved to America while he worked for a number of US based citrus growers and marketing firms. Greg expanded his professional interests through his own consultancy as he helped his clients design strategic marketing campaigns incorporating all levels of online, social and traditional media.

As PATRIOT MISSION's Co-Founder, Greg helped launch the company in 2011. Greg continues to serve as Director of Marketing and coordinates the strategic marketing design of national and county level campaigns as well as strategic marketing partner and support team integration. As a naturalized citizen, Greg has keen insight about America's influence in the world. In a recent interview he said; “I watched socialism take over Southern Africa, which is one of the reasons I came to America…and now I see it happening all over again. If America does not protect individual freedom, so goes the rest of the world.”

Robert Teschner Robert Teschner - Senior Vice President, Training, and Education & Founding Partner

Robert proudly served 20 years as an Air Force Officer and fighter pilot after graduating and receiving his commission from the United States Air Force Academy in 1995. He was honored to teach F-15 fighter tactics at the Air Force Weapons School, as well as command a front-line operational F-22 fighter squadron. Robert is also an experienced strategist and planner, and served at a high level on the U.S. European Command Staff. Robert holds two Masters Degrees in both Operational Art and Science as well as National Security Strategy. Robert is a gifted speaker, award-winning writer and former military leader eager to continue serving his country now that his military service is complete.

Robís company, VMAX Group, LLC brings the expertise in teaching and leading to help PATRIOT MISSION Speakers and new entrepreneurs enter the marketplace. His main responsibilities are to design, develop and deliver programs to train and deploy leaders across the country. Robert joined PATRIOT MISSION in 2015 and is proud to continue to serve America by helping new entrepreneurs accomplish their goals across our great nation.

Jane CampbellJayne Campbell; Director of Operational Support

Using over 35 years of experience in Office Administration and Management, Jayne started her own Virtual Assisting business in 2003 when the field was very new. Much research was needed and more importantly educating potential clients how they could benefit from hiring a Virtual Assistant, saving them both time and money. Jayne set up her business to be a one-stop place for clients to go to by developing a team of virtual assistants with various skills and experience.

Jayneís company, Jaycies Virtual Office Services, performs a host of critical operational support roles at PATRIOT MISSION. Jayneís firm serves our organization as well as other clients across the United States and in other countries. These include virtual administrative office services such as event planning, editing and proofreading, transcription, database management, email responding and organizing, bookkeeping for small businesses, front and back-end customer service, web and product development.

Sally Watson Sallie Watson - Director of Finance & Founding Partner

Sallie is a self-employed, Certified Public Accountant who understands small business. She is a graduate of University of Florida School of Accounting and has over 20 years of experience in accounting, business and personal income tax preparation, and small business consulting. Before starting her own firm, Sallie worked for large national and regional CPA firms as well as a highly-regarded local firm in her hometown.

Fortunately for PATRIOT MISSION, Sallie has extensive experience serving various business and industry types, including construction, farming, produce sales and brokerages, and service providers. This is important because of our multi-faceted business growth model, planning for licensed chapter operations and strategic partner relationships.

Bart Mazzarella Bart Mazzarella - Director of Media Relations & Founding Partner

Bart Mazzarella is a lifelong broadcaster and a committed family man who's been married to his former high school sweetheart, Kas, for over 45 years. Bart began his professional career in radio while still in his first year at college in Boston in 1968. For 8 years, Bart was on-air personality Bob Marx at Hartford, Connecticut's legendary WDRC Am & Fm. Before moving to Florida, Bart was a TV Sports anchor at a Hartford NBC affiliate and an ESPN network voice.

Once in Florida he became the voice of the Treasure and Space Coast as morning host at WSCF FM, known to listeners as "The Bartman" of Christian FM Radio. Today Bart serves as the Director of Business Development for not only the Florida station but for the entire Christian FM Networks which has grown to include over 70 affiliates.  He has forged a successful career as a liaison between the station and the business community while maintaining his own private media consulting and voiceover firm. As the voice of PATRIOT MISSION, Bart has serves as an ambassador of God's mission and our message to America and the marketplace.

Mark Ossenfort Mark Ossenfort - Director of Technology & Founding Partner

Mark has over 32 years of programming experience dating back to the original home computer. After attending college for electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering, with minor studies in applied mathematics and physics, he worked for the State of NY K-12 Education Information Technology Centers specializing in Data Communications. He worked as a systems engineer with a Fortune 500 Company until he was down-sized in the mid-1990s.

Mark decided to go into business for himself as a systems engineer and expanded into internet services, website design, and hosting. In 2005 he upgraded service offerings to include data management, servers, and media which led to developing a private CDN and video streaming business. As PATRIOT MISSION's Director of Technology, Mark coordinates all matters of technology integration with an emphasis on media management and delivery. 

Robin SmithRobin Smith - Director of Project Management & Founding Partner

Robin served both as Enlisted and Officer in the United States Navy for 27 years. He enlisted as a nuclear trained electrician in 1985 and rose to Electricians Mate First Class Petty Officer. He accepted his Navy officer commission through the University of Florida with a Bachelorís of Science degree in Industrial and Systems engineering. As a Surface warfare officer, he proudly served on several ships and shore stations. Robin holds his Masters of Business Administration from Old Dominion University. He has certificates in Project Management, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt training from Villanova University. He led key Process Improvement projects while in the Navy including the start-up of the Lean Six Sigma offices and programs for the Navyís ship maintenance squadron.

Robin serves as the Director of Program Management for PATRIOT MISSION. He is using his skills as a Lean Six Sigma and Project Management expert to document and measure all of PATRIOT MISSIONís strategic and operational goals into optimal processes. He joined PATRIOT MISSION to continue to serve this great nation, and to continue to 'MAKE A DIFFERENCE'!

Faye Hyatt Faye Hyatt - Director of Administration & Founding Partner

Faye has four decades of diverse administrative and managerial experience in environments ranging from day-to-day operations of a 4000 acre farm to small business bookkeeping to independent insurance sales and compliance.  Faye's experience raising and homeschooling kids, grandkids and adopted kids (while administrating the aforementioned duties) bodes well for her ability to manage and prioritize key PATRIOT MISSION administration matters.

As an administrator for PATRIOT MISSION's Founders for several decades, Faye's able to respond quickly to unique challenges as well as opportunities. Faye has experience and proficiency in handling rapid growth and high demand customer service scenarios. Faye's skill at coordinating multi-faceted requirements that connect operations and finance are important as PATRIOT MISSION scales county chapters across the nation.