On October 6, 1989, Lt. Nancy Skannel, a US Air Force Reserve Flight Nurse, climbed aboard her C-130 Hercules aircraft with her fellow nurses and headed for a weekend training mission in Bermuda. Originally, their mission was to stop at Charleston AFB, South Carolina but due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Hugo, Nancy's flight was diverted to Langley AFB, Virginia, home of the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing and 72 F-15C Eagles.

Lt. Skannel and her nurses went to the Langley Officer's Club for dinner. Later that evening; she met Lt. Steve Olds, an F15 Pilot assigned to the 27th Tactical Fighter Squadron. They had a lot in common including wardrobes, a love of flying, travel, and a passion for America. Within two weeks, Nancy and Steve decided to go supersonic and plan a wedding in the next 5 months.

In March 1990, Steve & Nancy wed and started an exciting life together. In July 1990, Nancy had to come off flight status when she learned their first baby girl was on the way. Two weeks later, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and Steve left Virginia headed across the Atlantic for Saudi Arabia as part of a rapid response deployment.

Steve flew combat air patrols and fighter sweeps throughout Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Along with many fellow warriors, Steve was decorated for combat missions flown over Iraq to liberate Kuwait and return their citizens to a free sovereign nation.

After returning from Desert Storm, Steve continued to fly while Nancy resigned from the Air Force Reserves to raise their two baby girls. Steve ended his flying career at Langley and was blessed to enjoy the fire hose drenching and champagne toast with his family.

After separating from the Air Force, Steve & Nancy have pursued entrepreneurship, grassroots capitalism, and small business for over two decades. They have a passion for helping fellow veterans apply their skills to an American marketplace that desperately needs leadership. Their PATRIOT MISSION dream is to LEAD Americans to Rediscover the "Shining City on a Hill." Join them on this important journey!