PATRIOT MISSION is committed to serving our heroes at the grassroots level of American Small Business.

We offer PATRIOT GRANTS to qualified veterans in order to reduce or eliminate the financial requirements for PATRIOT MISSION programs and events.

These PATRIOT GRANTS are funded by fellow members, organizations and PATRIOT MISSION.

Think about the PATRIOT GRANT Program like a private scholarship for qualified veterans who want to work hard and learn how to become self-employed. This is not a loan; it is a gift from a fellow America who wants to invest in the future. Many of the supporters of the program are experienced entrepreneurs who want to mentor veterans who need a hand up, not a hand out.

Currently, participation in the PATRIOT GRANT Program begins at $500 per qualified candidate which will fund a Leader's Membership for one year. To Purchase a PATRIOT GRANT - Help one of America's Heroes become a PATRIOT MISSION Leaders for only $500. Click here to purchase.

Apply for a PATRIOT GRANT - I am an honorably discharged veteran or am in transition toward honorable separation from military service. Click here to a request more information on our contact page.

PATRIOT GRANT Programs are offered by PATRIOT MISSION at its sole discretion and can be modified, withdrawn or cancelled without notice. There is no cash value to the PATRIOT GRANTS and cannot be transferred without express written permission.

Participating in the PATRIOT GRANT Program is not a charitable contribution. However, depending on your situation there may be business tax advantages when purchasing a PATRIOT GRANT. Please consult your tax professional because every circumstance is different.