Is PATRIOT MISSION a Political Organization?

NO. PATRIOT MISSION is a for-profit business, not a political organization. We intentionally chose to create a for-profit business model because in order for this to succeed, we have to deliver value for which a consumer will part with his hard earned cash. There is a big difference between this strategy and a non-profit that is primarily driven by donations.

As a business organization we DO NOT promote candidates, political issues or ballot initiatives. WE DO strongly advocate to anyone who will listen our unwavering position that every single citizen should engage in the political process.

We believe America's Problems will be solved by a core group within the entrepreneurial community who decides to take massive action and then follows through. Our strategy has been very carefully designed to leverage small, incremental changes made by individuals across the national landscape to create a cumulative and massive impact.

As part of our educational curriculum we seek out and leverage organizations that support the same principles upon which we have founded PATRIOT MISSION. We will create environments that will stir healthy debate and drive our members to 'get in the game' and make their voices heard.

At a minimum we encourage people to get to know local politicians, study the issues, learn how to ask hard questions and understand the impact of the policy positions they take. Most importantly we ask all our members to register to vote and to cast a ballot every opportunity they have.