What are the 7 Founding LIBERTY Principles
and why are they important?

At PATRIOT MISSION, we want to have a healthy debate on a wide range of business issues, economic theories, leadership strategies, social concerns and many other topics. However, these 7 Founding LIBERTY Principles are fundamental to our PATRIOT MISSION BOLD Blueprint and will not change.

1. We believe the economic Backbone of America™ is powered by the LEADERSHIP of Small Business Founders, employees and their families.
2. We believe providentially inspired American INGENUITY has created the strongest economy and most generous society the world has ever known.
3. We believe it is important to elect leaders who share a common BELIEF in our Judeo-Christian heritage and the magnificence of the US Constitution.
4. We believe ENTREPRENEURSHIP is the primary economic means to inspire men and women to pursue their dreams and achieve prosperity.
5. We believe Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are put at tremendous RISK by those who reject capitalism and promote excessive public spending.
6. We believe Personal Property Rights and the Free Enterprise System are TIMELESS constitutional cornerstones upon which America was founded.
7. We believe it is crucial to inspire YOUNG citizens to become tough-minded, ethical entrepreneurs so they can help create long-term solutions for America.

These foundational positions should instill confidence for hope and optimism in our strategy. It is important to stress, we don't expect nor encourage the idea that we should be in agreement on everything. Suffice to say though, if we are not in sync on core values, then we should probably agree to disagree and part company as friends.