Small Business is the perfect place to Rebuild America. It's where jobs get created and economic education is learned in hands-on classrooms. The founder of an enterprise must deliver a valuable product or service that brings in more revenue than it costs to produce... or there is no company. The bottom line expenses of regulatory burdens, ever-increasing taxes, health care costs impacting hiring and competitive market pressures create the ideal prism through which millions of Americans can learn grassroots economics.

Despite the massive challenges facing small business leaders, they are undaunted as they pursue the American dream. Every day, America's New Founders, a.k.a. small business owners, write powerful stories that must be told from sea to shining sea. Our nation needs to hear directly from entrepreneurs who are creating MADE IN THE USA products, services, jobs and profits. Most Americans have no concept of the personal and professional leadership it takes, day in and day out, to fight the trench warfare necessary to make a small business successful over time.

As we drive our BOLD Blueprint deep into the grassroots of our nation, PATRIOT MISSION will promote small businesses through our licensed chapters in every county, independent city and parish across America. If you own a small business, PATRIOT MISSION wants to help tell your story and promote your company. We want to celebrate small business and thank you for the hard work you are investing to Rebuild America.

PATRIOT MISSION PRESS will release our next book titled;
The POWER of Small Business
Inspirational Short Stories from BOLD Entrepreneurs who are Rebuilding America

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