Reviews and Perspectives

"The PATRIOT MISSION was founded some years ago in the imagination and inspiration of my friend, fellow author, and fellow Patriot, Steve Olds. This book is about America. This book is about freedom. This book is about the expression of freedom by ordinary people in everything they think, feel, live and do. You must read, and read, and read The PATRIOT MISSION Story!"

Michael E. Gerber
NY Times Bestselling Author of The E-Myth Revisited

" The PATRIOT MISSION is such an incredible approach to what this dying nation needs right now to help solve the enormous problems we face as a free people, it gives us something meaningful to do to solve the seemingly insurmountable problems that America and Americans face today! It seems like everybody can and does write about the problems we face today, but only a few have come even close to spelling out the solutions like Steve does! "

Gerrick Busl
Port St. Lucie, Florida

"If you love America and believe in the liberty and Freedoms that our Constitution provides for us, then you need to read The PATRIOT MISSION Story. If you consider yourself a true patriot or if you feel a strong entrepreneurial spirit, then you need to read The PATRIOT MISSION Story."

Jerry Carlsen
Voice & Data Cabling Contractor for 26 Years, Vero Beach, Florida

"Steve Olds has done it again! Timely information, timely call to action, and finally the time has come to remember the dream of creating and living in a value driven country. Great job and I’m proud to support the vision, mission, and purpose of The PATRIOT MISSION."

Mark Ehrlich
Business Coach, Speaker and Author, California

"The PATRIOT MISSION Story is a wake-up call every small business owner and entrepreneur should hear. It outlines how and why our country is on a slippery slope between big government and free enterprise. He points out that as Americans blindly accept more government and regulations, we are abdicating our responsibilities as citizens. In doing so, we’re stifling the very entrepreneurial spirit on which this country was founded. Fortunately this book isn’t just another “the sky is falling” read that leaves you hanging for a solution. Steve Olds not only describes a solution, he also delivers it in detail. He presents a clear and practical blueprint for rebuilding America through small business. Don’t sit passively on the fence waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting. Read the book, get engaged, and help make a difference that can last for generations."

Phil Faris
Business Development Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Author, Illinois

"Steve Olds has done a great service to America by writing The PATRIOT MISSION Story. It inspires courage and action. There is hope for our country with the plan he has laid out. The application of his experiences as a fighter pilot to the threats America faces today is brilliant. There are serious problems facing the United States, but Steve Olds provides tremendous answers. Every American needs to read this book!"

William J. Federer
Author, St. Louis, Missouri

"In a time when busy people are consumed by their immediate surroundings, a man with a vision for America, as it was designed by our forefathers, emerges to bring us back to America’s foundation. Steve Olds is a relentless believer and a visionary, a man who cares so deeply about all of us and about our nation, that he would embark on a project of a magnitude so grand and so ambitious that it could be the pivotal turning point in America’s direction toward triumphant victory and freedom, or the ultimate failure. What a privilege and responsibility we all have to stand along with Steve, and with God, to empower the next generations of this nation to turn the tide of hope toward free enterprise and a hope for a better future for all of us."

Kelly Fischer
Top Producing Realtor®, Broker Associate, Treasure Coast, Florida

"Steve Olds and PATRIOT MISSION understand that free people affecting private business endeavors are the most prolific mechanism of human productivity known to mankind; and that the Genesis and core sustainability of America’s unequaled economic strength in the world is her commitment to private property rights and her market driven, free enterprise system. The leaders at PATRIOT MISSION also understand that these dynamics are among the most powerful forces on Earth to promote and protect all aspects of human freedom. Their stated goal of “Rebuilding America through the Power of Small Business” is one that all Americans should fully embrace. I had the privilege to meet with PATRIOT MISSION’s management team for several hours to learn about their grassroots capitalism model: The MADE IN THE USA Project. The strategy Steve and Co-Founder Greg Land have designed is unique because it focuses at the county level and engages the community to promote entrepreneurship in a new generation. Their commitment to unleash the free enterprise spirit in every county, city, and parish in our Nation before 2020 is aggressive and timely. I support their efforts in Maricopa County, the State of Arizona and, ultimately, across America."

Trent Franks
United States Congressman, Representing the 8th District of Arizona

"The PATRIOT MISSION. That just sounds good, doesn’t it? Every patriot should have a mission, and in fact we all do. That mission is to declare, defend, and deploy the greatness of this nation we call the United States of America. United States. That’s another good sound, isn’t it? To be united in something that is good is such a privilege, an honor. Every man, woman, and child in this nation has that honor, that privilege. The question we must all answer is – what are we doing with it? Are we taking that responsibility in our hands and hearts and doing our part to perpetuate it? Or are we sitting idly by as those who wish to do us harm walk through our front door to have their way?"

Dr. William D. Greenman
President, Purpose International, USA, Franklin, Tennessee President, Purpose International Ministries, Kenya, Africa President, Lord & Demerest, Inc, Marketing Management Services – a small business

"I love these United States of America. When I first heard about The PATRIOT MISSION led by Steve Olds, I immediately let Steve know that I wanted to help in any way possible to get the word out, and be involved in helping We The People regain our individual God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that our great U.S. Constitution was designed to protect. All across America people want leadership, real leadership. Leaders that will step up and shine the light on the pathway back to the true track of what has and will continue to make the USA the shining light of freedom in the world. Entrepreneurs and small business owners have the ability to do this. We can and must lead the way to reform our country back to its principled roots of freedom and justice for all. I encourage you to read The PATRIOT MISSION Story to learn how we can take action together. Individual freedom is much too precious to lose; your children and your generations to come are depending on you and me. "

Mark Hendricks
Trilby, Florida

"Steve Olds has put to paper what most have us have been feeling but have been unable to explain. Our country has forgotten its past, but more importantly, has stopped teaching the current generation about the major sacrifices made by our founders to create the only form of “Judeo-Christian” self-government in the history of mankind. One of these founders, Patrick Henry, said it best: “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ!” Through the PATRIOT MISSION, Steve recaptures that same vision for America but more importantly has created a simple plan for every one of us to rebuild it person-by-person, family by family, business-by-business, in a ground-swell from the bottom up. I am in total support of this plan and praying that other Americans, including those in government now, to be revived by this call to remember our source of life. ‘Know that the Lord, He is God, it is He who has made us and it was not we ourselves’ – Psalm 100:3"

Rich Hennessey
Entrepreneur, New Ventures Advisor, and Christian, Vero Beach, Florida

"The PATRIOT MISSION Story – defining today in America; looking to the future of America; a pleasant walk down the road of some memorable moments in American History; and a reminder about some folks who were willing to make a difference. Now to the question, what can each of us do that will make the future better for our children, our grandchildren, and the generations to come? Read this book. I have known Steve and his family for 20 years. Steve and Nancy are proud to be Americans and have shared their patriotism with their family, friends, and community. The old saying ‘The hand(s) that rocks the cradle rules the world’ is verifiable. Steve’s background has certainly led him to write The PATRIOT MISSION Story. Read this book. Make decisions that will be honorable and that will make you proud of the person you see in the mirror."

Faye Hyatt
Mother, Grandmother, Mentor, Lake Wales, Florida

"The PATRIOT MISSION Story serves as an anthem to the next generation of voters and reminds everyone about the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. Never before has there been such a timely manuscript laying out a solid plan to restore America back to its greatness. This is a must read book."

Charles A. Jensen
President, Politics on the Rocks, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Steve Olds is a man who loves America. He is a true Patriot and entrepreneur. Over the past 10 years, I have had the great opportunity and privilege of associating and working with Steve on various business projects and know that he is a man good character and integrity. He has served valiantly in the military to help defend America. In his book, The PATRIOT MISSION Story, Steve reveals a roadmap and strategy for rebuilding America by developing business, entrepreneurship, and leadership. This is more than a book. It is a mission to unite America and create true freedom. I hope you will take Steve’s message to heart."

Al Johnson
Customer Attraction Marketing Consultant, Mesquite, Texas

"It is an honor and privilege to know Steve Olds, a fellow brother in Christ, and a true example of American grit, fortitude, and strength. This book further personifies his patriotism, love of county, and long lineage of the family faith from which he hails. When I offered to review The PATRIOT MISSION Story, I was overwhelmed with the fine detail, the examples of true American heritage and perfect layman’s terms describing the blueprint of recovery through entrepreneurial ownership and the foundation of PATRIOT MISSION. The quote a passage in The PATRIOT MISSION Story: “As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord and fight for Freedom in America."

Kurt Jordan
SemperVigilo Group, Inc., Chief Investigator Fellow Patriot, Christian, Vero Beach, Florida

"All my life I admired America from afar. I first visited the USA in the early nineties, and loved it. It was not long after that, that I was able to convince my new bride that America was the place for us to seek out our place in the sunshine and do something new and ‘out of the box’. Having grown up in Africa I have fought and seen firsthand the evils of socialism. How socialism has destroyed people and nations, and turned a wonderful continent which could have been the bread basket of the world into a ‘basket case’. Today I look out on an America that I do not recognize. This is not the America that I uprooted my family and moved 8500 miles across the world to create a better life for ourselves, our children, and others. What I see now is an out of control big government, a nation intentionally divided across racial, gender, and economic lines. A nation on the decline – morally, spiritually, economically, and politically. As Americans we need to wake up and act before it is too late. It is not hopeless but we need to act now. I am proud to say Steve is a patriot, my friend and business partner, who has ‘put his life, his future, his fortune, and his sacred honor’ on the line for America. Read The PATRIOT MISSION Story, be encouraged, get involved, join the movement, and ‘make a difference.’"

Greg Land
Marketing and Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, Patriot, Christian family man, Vero Beach, Florida

"I’ve been searching for an outlet to answer an important personal question. How could I make a difference in America? I so long to help my beloved country find its way back to sanity. Now I’ve found it, it’s in The PATRIOT MISSION Story! This book invited me into the great adventure of saving America and I’m all in. Yes, I already have a life and a business to run, but where will I be without the America I grew up in. You owe it to yourself and your generations to find where you fit in and play your part in saving America. There’s no time to waste, everyone is welcome, but we’re not waiting for anyone. So saddle up and read this book tonight!"

Alan E Meyers
CEO Michigan Marriage Tools, Cadillac, Michigan

"Steve is a visionary for the times. Much like President Kennedy’s charge to send man to the moon, or Martin Luther King, Jr.’s challenge for society to provide equal opportunity for all people, regardless of their color, through the PATRIOT MISSION, Steve is calling Americans to reverse our current direction by starting an Entrepreneurial Revolution that will create the spark that lights the candle to guide the steps of the current generation of Americans back to the path of success: spiritually, economically, and politically. The map has been drawn and the course set for America to re-establish itself as the greatest nation in the world. Now it’s up to each one of us individually to take positive action that will make a difference."

Drew Miles
CEO Pathfinder Business Strategies, Sebastian, Florida

"When author Steve Olds took his Commissioning Oath as an officer and F-15 fighter pilot, he vowed to ‘Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic…’ With his combat missions over enemy airspace in Iraq complete, Olds trained his sights on the domestic front, exchanging missiles for a manuscript; a flight suit for a business suit. In this impassioned and soaring treatise, Olds skillfully articulates two very different paths forward (and their dramatically different outcomes), before exhorting his readers to join him in recapturing nothing less than the historical sweep and national scale of America’s legacy greatness. With a flair for the dramatic, the author deftly combines personal stories with political currency; seamlessly transitioning from strategic and visionary to practical and tactical and with a closing Call to Action and Call to Arms that will make you stand up and salute."

Douglas O’Bryon
CEO, Briarcliff Capital, Strongsville, Ohio

"I first met Steve Olds in 1988 when he was assigned to the 27th Tactical Fighter Squadron as a young F-15 fighter pilot. Steve excelled in everything he did and refused to be second best in anything. Flying fighters requires commitment and passion – a commitment to excellence and a passion for defending the greatest nation in the world – the United States of America. Steve carried that commitment and passion to the Gulf War where he and his squadron were one of the first to deploy to Saudi Arabia. America and the rest of the world watched in awe as the greatest display of airpower ever witnessed was demonstrated for all to see. Read the story of the PATRIOT MISSION. It outlines the principles and strategies required to reclaim the greatness that was once ours. There are no magic wands – only dedication and hard work can guarantee our children and grandchildren a future as bright as the one America’s Greatest Generation gave to us. Steve Olds is a member of America’s NEXT Greatest Generation – he has risked it all for this nation in wartime and is now on a mission to preserve the America we all know is possible for future generations."

Roy “Bubba” Parker
Colonel, United States Air Force (Retired), Mansfield, Texas

"I am mightily impressed by the clear thinking and writing that you have put together to describe what your PATRIOT MISSION is and a “how to” series of steps taken to complete that mission by using the innate power of small businesses and their owners to rebuild our now failing economy and our way of life. My evidence that you will succeed is based upon a simple sentence that men and women of your character exemplify. A memorial U.S. Marine Corps coin that I try to live by suits you as well; the opposite side of the imprinted Globe and Laurel of the USMC has the inscription: ‘Surrender is NOT an Option.’ Good luck and Godspeed to you and your organization."

John “Jack “Platt
Raised as an Army Brat, US Marine Corps Recon Battalion Officer, CIA field operator, Retired this year from a small business

"As a dad who indicated Father’s Occupation as Entrepreneur on his youngest daughter’s Birth Certificate some 41+ years ago, I believe the concept of PATRIOT MISSION is a must for America’s future. Steve’s thought-provoking, poignant, and focused approach to rebuilding America is very motivational. When I first started reading the manuscript, I kept saying to myself, “Yeah, that’s right, but that’s nothing new to me...I’ve lived it for 40+ years. Then I realized it was the lead-up, the challenge for those who have never been on their own, never started a business. Without the ideas put forth and the PATRIOT MISSION being effectuated, I truly believe this nation is doomed to overall government control. I hope it is not too late. PATRIOT MISSION’s challenge is not to let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice!” – Charles Vars, President, Vars Associates, Inc. (38 yrs), Amherst, New Hampshire “As a 30 year retired Air Force Colonel and a 20 year entrepreneur, Steve’s book really hit home with me. I too feel that the American way of life has changed dramatically over the last decades and America needs a real awakening regarding our future. I have watched the industrial might of this great nation disappear overseas and the wage earner become unemployed with little to no hope of ever engaging in their chosen industry again. It is only through the power of small businesses that America can have a resurgence to once again become the nation it once was when I was growing up. The concept of the entrepreneur starting and growing a small business has always led the way to a better economy. How many people like Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, and Bill Gates are on the verge of creating a business but need assistance in today’s regulation crazy government? It is our job to help them navigate the bureaucracy and provide the encouragement they need to succeed. Steve has created the method and it remains for us to execute the plan. Great job and I look forward to working with you!!!!"

Martin J Zickert
Colonel, USAF (Retired), America’s Real Life Planners, LLC President, Veterans Council of Indian River County, Florida