In our fast paced, entertainment centric culture, telling great stories gets people's attention. Americans are still captivated by inspirational stories of successful people. Witness popular television shows that promote entrepreneurship and partnering with experienced investors to take new ideas to market. It's fun to watch previously unknown singers that get their shot at the spotlight. The person with a good idea or great voice that works hard can still make it big!

Underlying these contemporary rags to riches success stories are foundational reasons America has become the most successful economic and world power in history. Our Founding Fathers' deliberate design to create a country where free people could pursue life, liberty and happiness is unique in human history. How many of our fellow citizens really understand these ideas?

America's history is a powerful motivator for those who know it. Unfortunately, most of our fellow citizens have very little knowledge of why America was founded. There is also little understanding of the enormous challenges we have overcome through several centuries to make America the most productive and powerful nation in recorded history.

Beyond the historical connections, few people understand the basics of free market capitalism and the downside of allowing their government to tax and spend without accountability. As Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

  • Through our publishing arm, PATRIOT MISSION PRESS and the PATRIOT SPEAKERS BUREAU, we are putting history in context from an entrepreneurial point of view. This includes captivating presentations from people who have been at the center of key moments in American history as well as subject matter experts who have unique ways to help us explore our past.

  • We have fun telling America's stories in multi-media formats and at high energy, live events at unique places across America. We translate both historical and current events through the eyes of entrepreneurs and the business opportunities they create, explore, miss and capture.

  • By effectively telling America's stories from an entrepreneurial perspective, PATRIOT MISSION illustrates American Exceptionalism in action and inspires new leaders to get in the game before it is too late.