"If you love America and believe in the liberty and Freedoms that our Constitution provides for us, then you need to read The PATRIOT MISSION Story. If you consider yourself a true patriot or if you feel a strong entrepreneurial spirit, then you need to read The PATRIOT MISSION Story."

Jerry Carlsen
Voice & Data Cabling Contractor for 26 Years, Vero Beach, Florida

"Steve Olds has done a great service to America by writing The PATRIOT MISSION Story. It inspires courage and action. There is hope for our country with the plan he has laid out. The application of his experiences as a fighter pilot to the threats America faces today is brilliant. There are serious problems facing the United States, but Steve Olds provides tremendous answers. Every American needs to read this book!"

William J. Federer
Author, St. Louis, Missouri

"The PATRIOT MISSION. That just sounds good, doesn’t it? Every patriot should have a mission, and in fact we all do. That mission is to declare, defend, and deploy the greatness of this nation we call the United States of America. United States. That’s another good sound, isn’t it? To be united in something that is good is such a privilege, an honor. Every man, woman, and child in this nation has that honor, that privilege. The question we must all answer is – what are we doing with it? Are we taking that responsibility in our hands and hearts and doing our part to perpetuate it? Or are we sitting idly by as those who wish to do us harm walk through our front door to have their way?"

Dr. William D. Greenman
President, Purpose International, USA, Franklin, Tennessee President, Purpose International Ministries, Kenya, Africa President, Lord & Demerest, Inc, Marketing Management Services – a small business