PATRIOT MISSION has launched an initiative to train, network and deliver real opportunities to 5000 veterans who want to learn how to become self-employed.

Here are a few of the reasons why:

- Veterans are mission driven and want to
- Veteran unemployment versus civilian is completely unacceptable; 9.2% vs. 6.2%
- Veterans have great leadership skills
- Veterans understand patriotism
- Veterans work hard and like challenges
- Veterans recognize America is in trouble and they want to help

There is a lot of focus on big companies helping veterans get jobs, which is a good thing. At the same time, grassroots capitalism can help many more veterans create self-employment income faster. We also know learning the ropes of becoming self employed is a great step toward starting an enterprise.

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, in the private sector workforce, veterans are 45 percent more likely than those with no active-duty military experience to be self-employed. Nearly one in 10 small businesses nationwide is veteran-owned. Collectively, these 2.4 million small businesses employ almost 6 million Americans and generate more than $1 trillion in receipts.

We are ready to fill the pipeline with veterans who want to become productive in the civilian workforce. We have designed our National Leadership Team to integrate veterans alongside experienced entrepreneurs to ensure they get the right training to meet their personal goals.

While many veterans are financially stable, a big percentage of the younger veterans are facing serious financial hardships. These brave Americans have experience dealing with tough situations and they are willing to fight for their futures. We want to help them offset the training costs through our PATRIOT GRANT Program!

To learn more about the PATRIOT GRANT Program click here.

Through membership on our National Leadership Team, our goal is to help 5000 Veterans become self-employed.
This is one important way we are MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN!

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