PATRIOT MISSION is developing a new generation of American Leaders by tapping into the most powerful economic engine and grassroots education system in our nation; Small Business. By building financially strong, practically educated leaders at the core of our economy, we increase grassroots influence in our nation's affairs.

PATRIOT MISSION's BOLD Blueprint leverages the experience of successful people from all walks of life with community support, mentorship and apprenticeship to promote small business growth. Our for-profit business model creates the opportunity for every citizen, no matter what their background or experience is, to play a role in MAKING AMERICA STRONG AGAIN™.

To MAKE AMERICA STRONG AGAIN™, our fellow citizens must understand the truth of America's circumstances and be willing to step up and be part of practical solutions that work. Time is of the essence.

Here are a few facts that illustrate America's serious challenges that require immediate action:

  1. Half the US population is on government assistance
  2. 92 MILLION Americans are out of the work force (highest since 1970s)
  3. Massive healthcare taxes are killing full time jobs and long term hiring
  4. The US debt is over $17 TRILLION of which China owns and ever-increasing portion
  5. America has incurred nearly $100 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities (future promises)
  6. Social Security and Medicare trustees indicate both will be broke in less than 20 years
  7. Gross Domestic Product continues to be weak and real economic trends are down
  8. American economic strength is threatened by terrorist challenges at home and abroad
  9. American defenses are being slashed and commitments to allies are not being honored
  10. America's leadership and capability to deter aggression through strength  is fading

PATRIOT MISSION is executing five action steps to launch our Entrepreneurial Revolution:
1. Tell America's Stories
2. Teach The BOLD Blueprint
3. Promote Small Businesses
4. Challenge Leaders to Step Up
5. Serve America's Heroes