Why Rebuild America?

In the same way the Founders led a revolution to create a new country, we must wrest America’s defeat from our new enemies, which now primarily lie within our borders. The enemies of ignorance, apathy, financial stupidity, political correctness and worst of all, hopelessness.

We have the opportunity to apply our entrepreneurial skills, passions, dreams and sweat to lead an effort to make sure our Founders and the generations since who have given their all to protect our country did not die in vain. As long as our Constitution remains the centerpiece of our nation, it is “WE THE PEOPLE” who decide our future, not the government.

We believe America's Problems will be solved by a core group within the entrepreneurial community who decides to take massive action. Our strategy has been very carefully designed to leverage small, incremental changes made by individuals across the national landscape to create a cumulative and massive impact.

PATRIOT MISSION’s long-term strategy is to influence multiple generations of Americans including those who will be born in the coming years and decades. Our work is truly unifying because it focuses on the practical realities of small business, entrepreneurship and jobs as opposed to bloviating political speech.